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New trucks boost safety & efficiency

Aldermaston Recycling has added new Euro 6 MAN trucks to its fleet – including TGM 18.250 4×2 with Hyva kit, TGS 35.400 8×4 Thompson Loadmasters and TGS 26.400 6×2-4 Hyva twin bins. 

“We’ve chosen more MAN trucks because we are pleased with the way we have done business with them in the past,” said Chris Long, the company’s transport manager.

“MAN trucks offer the most efficient solution for us and we’ve dealt with them for a long time and have not had any issues,” he added.

The TGM 18.250 18 tonners have all been specified with the D0836LFL66, 6.9 litre 250bhp engines, capable of 1,00Nm torque and driving through nine-speed manual transmissions.

The TGS 35.400 8×4 32-tonners all take the D2066LF61, 10.5 litre 400bhp power units, delivering 1,900Nm torque, mated to 16-speed manuals. And the TGS 26.400 26 tonne rigids are powered by the D2676LF47, 12.4 litre 400bhp, 1,900Nm engines, again driving through 16-speed manuals.

“The trucks we had have all been reliable and real workhorses, while the service has always been friendly and individual, and the parts are always affordable,” continues Long.

He also states that vehicle economy has always been impressive, and that the drivers like them. “The drivers, particularly of the 18-tonners, said that manoeuvrability is a factor in their decision… Turning circles are tight, which is important when you are driving in urban areas,” he says.

All the new vehicles are being fitted with side-scan cameras, audible left-turn warning devices and cameras on the rear, front near and offside, all linked to a DVR bank, to make them compliant with Transport for London regulations.

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